Agent Jett

Agent Jett

Jett is an agile sharpshooter that packs a real punch with her ability to mobilize and create new angles to pick off unsuspecting enemies. Jett’s sarcastic personality pairs exceptionally well with her playstyle as she can be quite perky and arrogant towards enemies, while being fun-loving and motivating towards her teammates! Not much is known about Jett before her joining the VALORANT Protocol aside from her being from South Korea and potentially having been a chef when she was there as referenced in one of her Player Cards!

In VALORANT, Jett’s abilities are designed to take high risk, high reward plays that other agents simply cannot. As such, Jett fits into the Duelist role in VALORANT. Duelists are incredibly versatile as entry-fragger, lurker, or in Jett’s case, even secondary entry because of her potential for a multi-kill when provided enough information!

Fun Fact: Jett’s real name is ‘Joon-Hee’ as mentioned in one of Raze’s voice lines!

Agent Jett's Skills and Abilities


100 Credits


INSTANTLY throw a projectile that expands into a brief vision-blocking cloud on impact with a surface. HOLD the ability key to curve the smoke in the direction of your crosshair.


100 Credits


INSTANTLY propel Jett high into the air.


Free Once Per Round - Refreshed on 2 Kills


INSTANTLY propel Jett in the direction she is moving. If Jett is standing still, she will propel forward.

Blade Storm

7 Ulti Points


EQUIP a set of highly accurate throwing knives that recharge on killing an opponent. FIRE to throw a single knife at your target. ALTERNATE FIRE to throw all remaining daggers at your target.

Agent Jett Abilities Overview

Basic Cloudburst Ability Uses and Tips

On offense, Cloudburst should be used to allow Jett to reposition and gather intel on enemy defensive positioning.

On defense, Jett should also use Cloudburst for repositioning after her location has been discovered.

Advanced Cloudburst Uses and Tips

On offense, advanced Jett players will curve Cloudburst into positions that allow her to use other abilities to move past defenders undetected.

On defense, advanced Jett players will use Cloudburst to set up ‘one-ways’ to have an easy dueling advantage over pushing attackers.

Basic Updraft Uses and Tips

On offense, Updraft should be used to maneuver around terrain to reposition for offensive advantages.

On defense, Jett can use Updraft to position on terrain and structures for better angles that are more difficult to predict for enemies.

Advanced Updraft Uses and Tips

On offense, Jett should look to use Updraft to maneuver and access positions otherwise impossible. This allows Jett to get into positions that defenders cannot hold angles for without sacrificing other lines of sight.

One of the best uses of Updraft for advanced Jett players is to find quick kills by double-casting Updraft and picking off a quick kill from an unsuspecting enemy.

Basic Tailwind Uses and Tips

On offense, Jett should use Tailwind to get out of bad positions. If Jett enters an area and starts taking fire, she can immediately dash out to safety. The benefit of this is it provides the team with information and if done quickly, will not result in taking too much damage, if any.

On defense, Jett should look to use Tailwind to peak a corner and return to safety after firing. When done well, Jett should be able to get the reward for taking a risk without taking much risk at all.

Advanced Tailwind Uses and Tips

A more advanced use of Tailwind is to combine it with Updraft to quickly enter a site or pass terrain. For more advanced Jett players, this type of playstyle is a great way to get a kill on economy rounds with a Judge or weapon of the sort.

On defense, Jett should use Tailwind as an escape method when holding unorthodox positions. Jett can position extremely aggressively in corners that would normally be cleared with abilities. With Tailwind, she can hold those positions and if those abilities are used to clear the corner, she can quickly escape trading her Tailwind for their clearing abilities. The benefit of this is that her Tailwind can be reset with two kills/assists so it’s generally a good trade as it also gathers a lot of information.

Basic Blade Storm Uses and Tips

On offense, Jett should use her Blade Storm when she plans to aggressively push to a site. Having Blade Storm will make her aggression very potent and can lead to a quick kill or two.

On defense, Jett should use her Blade Storm when she is looking to lurk. If Jett wants to lurk behind enemy lines when the enemies are waiting to push a site, she should use Blade Storm to find picks and choke of enemies once they have chosen a site to attack.

Advanced Blade Storm Uses and Tips

A great trick on offense with Jett is to find lineups where she can use Updraft twice and then pick off a quick kill onto enemies holding long entryways to sites.

On defense, a trick advanced Jett players use is to use Blade Storm on economy rounds to even the playing field with attacking enemies that have the resources to fully buy their builds. This way, using ALTERNATE FIRE, Jett can practically pick off an easy kill to put the numbers in her favor and leave a powerful weapon with the corpse for a teammate to pick up!

Agent Jett Strategies Overview

Basic Strategy for Pistol Round

On defense

A basic strategy to pistol round defense on Jett is to purchase a Light Armor, and two Cloudbursts if her team doesn’t have enough smokes, or Light Armor, one Cloudburst, and one Updraft. With this setup, Jett can play more aggressively with access to all her abilities, and with the Light Armor, the risk of this aggression is reduced.

On offense

Jett’s attacking pistol rounds should include a Ghost and a Cloudburst. This set will make Jett very lethal and able to use a Cloudburst-Tailwind combo to get into or out of aggressive positions where she can avoid having to trade herself for a first kill.

Basic Strategy for Economic Round

On defense

Jett players should focus on their strengths as an individual. Jett’s versatile kit allows players to accentuate their strengths if understood. The easiest way to play out an economy round on Jett for newer players is to use her in close-quarters combat. Thus, a great purchase is to get a Judge (or other shotguns if needed), Light Armor, and whatever abilities she can also purchase.

On offense

Jett should also look to get aggressive picks with close-range weapons like a Judge to secure at least one kill. By doing so, at worst she trades 1-for-1 where an enemy drops a weapon that an ally can use. At best, she gets a kill and gets out, or even gets two kills or more. As such, she needs to purchase a Judge, Light Armor, Updraft, and at least one Cloudburst.

Basic Strategy with Full Purchase

On defense

Jett should focus on keeping her abilities to react to enemy movement. Therefore, she should be playing more defensively positioned on the site and works best with long-range weapons. With that in mind, purchasing all abilities, Heavy Armor, and Operator is the best bet.

On offense

Jett must play to her team’s strategy to win rounds. If teammates coordinate and need an Operator player, Jett is a good agent for it. If they need someone as a lead entry, Jett can also do that but must be willing to adapt and purchase items accordingly. If needed on entry, a good buy is Heavy Armor and a Phantom or Vandal, along with all her abilities.

Advanced Strategy for Pistol Round

On defense

Jett’s ability back-of-site strategy can easily lead to a win in pistol rounds with the Ghost. It is rare for players to purchase Light Armor in pistol rounds, so the Ghost can be quite lethal. As such, Jett should be comfortable holding long-distance angles and using her abilities to escape or reposition as needed.

On offense

Advanced Jett players will know how to position without needing the added utility of her abilities. As such, they can afford to spend the credits for the Ghost, Frenzy, or even just the Sheriff for the high damage potential.

Advanced Strategy for Economic Round

On defense

Jett can either play passively and use the Marshal for more long-range fights or play a similar role of aggressive defending with forwarding positioning and a Judge or similar style of weapon. Therefore, she should purchase Cloudburst, Updraft, Light Armor, and the close-range weapon or long-range weapon of choice.

On offense

Advanced Jett players will use Blade Storm to have strong offensive power and not have to buy any weapons. Blade Storm should get Jett a kill or two before running out of knives. With that in mind, she can easily pick up enemy weapons after killing them and running out of knives. She should just purchase her abilities and Light Armor in this case when she has her Blade Storm available.

Advanced Strategy with Full Purchase

On defense

Jett’s bread-and-butter strategy is to use her ability to Tailwind to safety to her advantage. This allows Jett to hold off-angles and get easy picks on enemies, while also being safe enough to retreat with a quick Tailwind. As such, Jett should look to play with all abilities, Heavy Armor, and an Operator. The most potent Jett defense is when she quickly sets up a Cloudburst to create a one-way on the site entryway. This makes enemies easy targets with no risk to Jett.

On offense

Jett should be looking to make the same plays as she does on defense. She can easily play with an Operator and Heavy Armor and look for those duels with creative angles on defenders.

Concluding Agent Jett

Jett’s overall playstyle is notorious for its potential for amazing highlights! Although this makes her kit seems like a very difficult kit to operate, once the general mechanics are understood, the only difficulty that comes with being as creative as her kit makes her capable of being! Jett is the perfect agent for players that are mechanically skilled with their aim but may struggle a bit with their ability usage.

Although Jett’s abilities are very important to her kit, they are simple to get the hang of, and having good aim with her is very effective. Before each round, make sure to plan your strategy based on what you can afford and the type of play your team is looking to make. Otherwise, you’ll wind up being too predictable and end up running around like a headless chicken!

Think you can keep up? Who am I kidding? You know you can’t keep up.”

Agent Jett

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