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How to Unlock Agents in Valorant?

Players in Valorant play the game as an agent, and each agent in Valorant comes equipped with special abilities that can impact the game. Choosing an agent to play can depend on personal preference, team composition, or what is available to players to choose from since not all agents are unlocked when players start the […]

What are Valorant Ranks? 

Many multiplayer FPS games have a standardized Competitive game mode, and players earn ratings over time as they continue to play and win games. Valorant ranks range from Iron to Radiant, and players earn RR (ranked rating) as they play their way through the competitive ladder.  Why is it called “ladder”?  Ranked in FPS games is often […]

The Valorant Economy System

Each FPS game will have its own terminology and language of sorts used to communicate, and Valorant is no exception. One common term used often in Valorant is economy or eco. While put simply, it refers to the credit (money) system used in gameplay to purchase weapons and abilities, the term goes beyond a simple transaction and into […]

What are Valorant Ultimates? 

Ultimate abilities, often just called ultimates, are frequently found in FPS games and are strong abilities that are often game-changing. Valorant ultimates can help players take a point, hold off enemy forces, or even turn the tides of a nearly lost game. Building up to an ultimate varies by game, from charging over time, use […]

What is the Valorant Battle Pass?

Battle Passes are being used more and more in online multiplayer games as a way to reward players for playing, and Valorant is no different. From special skins to exclusive titles, giving out unique items keeps players very engaged with a game, so it’s no surprise that passes like this have become the norm. If […]