Valorant Night Market April 2023: Dates, Episodes, Skins, and More

Valorant Night Market April 2023: Dates, Episodes, Skins, and More

Today, on April 5th, Valorant will once again host the Valorant Night Market for about three weeks. The Night Market will be gone when Episode 6 Act 3 debuts on April 25 with Patch 6.08.

What Is Night Market?

For those who don’t know, the Night Market is a unique in-game shop where every player gets six weapon skins at huge discounts based on chance. The rarity tiers of the offers you receive are determined by luck, but the discounts are frequently alluring enough to persuade you to purchase your favorite skins.

Reworked Version Of Bind

Riot Games also unveiled the revised version of Bind as one of the significant Act 3 updates to the game along with the new Night Market release date. As you may already be aware, Riot plans to reintroduce Bind to the cycle with some significant alterations after it was removed from the competitive pool at the start of Episode 6.

The Bind redesign is a significant one, bringing fascinating modifications to the A and B bomb sites as well as the attacker-base portal location, in contrast to Split’s rewrite, which only contained a few minor tweaks. Basically, the new version of Bind makes an effort to eliminate the majority of camping areas, particularly those around the A bomb site.

What Else About Night Market?

This is merely one of the enhancements that will be included in Patch 6.08; after Riot releases the complete patch notes for the update, further information about Act 3 will be made available. Players will have less than a month to complete their competitive objectives and rise as far as they can for a better Gun Buddy because all competitive progress will be reset when the new Act starts.

At the Night Market, players may expect to find a variety of skins, from traditional styles to cutting-edge themes. The discounted skins are typically already in the game’s collection and are available to players. The color of the background of the card and the small object in the bottom right corner will let you know what level of skin this is.